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What Music Looks Like

You’re looking at Chladni Figures and this experiment dates back to the 17th century. Ernst Chladni was a physicist and a musician who discovered this phenomenon of acoustics. He was also ridiculed by his peers for theorizing that meteorites came from outer space, not from volcanoes. Boy, were those guys wrong! We digress…

It’s hard to believe that single tones can make such beautiful, intricate designs. It makes us wonder what a symphony must look like!

Wow, this is beautiful!

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How Composers Spent Their Time

These snapshots give us just a glimpse of what life was like for these towering figures of classical music. Take a look at some of the quirky, idiosyncratic doings of Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Mozart, and other geniuses of note here.

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The Book Thief

I’ve never read The Book Thief, but the movie was very good. I love the main actress, Sophie Nélisse, and I love her basement dictionary. I think I’m going to read the book now, because I think the movie was missing a lot of the reason for the title. We did see her stealing books, and there was a montage where she read them all, but I want to know more. What books was she reading?

Overall, great movie. And like I told my mom: as far as World War II stories go, this wasn’t too depressing. It was almost like a happy ending.

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